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knauf data sheets | Knauf standard plasterboards on sale

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Knauf standard plasterboards and insulated thermal laminates for sale Insulation Product Datasheets in 2020Biggest knauf products importers around the world Best knauf insulation for tanks at cheap price Where can I find knauf products at wholesale price?Knauf fiberglass insulation wholesale price vs retail price Various grades and types of knauf insulations rolls

Nowadays, insulation works such as installation of thermal insulation and moisture insulation to reduce heat loss and prevent moisture from penetrating the different surfaces of the building, pipes, ducts and tanks in the building. Insulation in general and in any way extends the life of the building. Building insulation is best done by an insulation expert. Follow us on to share with you some useful tips on building knauf data sheets and its benefits. Read more about the knauf wallboard, knauf drywall, knauf insulation technical data sheets, knauf earthwool data sheet, knauf fireboard 15mm, knauf partition details and knauf insulation price list 2019.

knauf data sheets | Knauf standard plasterboards on sale

Knauf standard plasterboards and insulated thermal laminates for sale

Knauf standard plasterboards and insulated thermal laminates for sale Acoustic materials are materials used to counteract and modify the noise of an intruder in a building. Today’s life is full of unwanted noises that are produced inside or outside the building, and sometimes cause harm to the listener. Scraper ends reflect up to 98% of the acoustic energy they emit, the thin gypsum separating blades transferring sound from room to room. With the spread of apartment building this problem is increasing. New building materials and new construction methods can alleviate this problem. When choosing materials for noise control, consider the design of a different bilaterally sound structure:

Knauf standard plasterboards and insulated thermal laminates 

Noise-absorbing materials can easily pass sound from place to place, and materials that are resistant to sound passing through walls can cause annoying echoes and echoes.

Insulation Product Datasheets in 2020

The wallboard is a combination of metal sections and plaster or cement plates. Another essential component to mention in the introduction of the cannabis wall are acoustic and thermal insulators. These insulators have a great impact on improving the performance of the cuff wall.

Other effective factors are joints and sealants.

  •  Metal Infrastructure including Master and Runner
  •  Plaster or cement laminated plates
  •  Screw and Screw Connector Factors
  •  Putty and mastic sealant
  •  Acoustic and thermal insulation

Insulation Product Datasheets in 2020

The cannabis structures are made of galvanized steel sheets with a thickness of 2.5 mm. These structures are manufactured using cold rolling technology by a roll forming machine. In the construction of the cannabis wall, master and runner sections are usually used

  • Master: The vertical part of Weston is the cannabis wall, which is manufactured in 2 scores of 0۰, 0۳, and 1 و and is placed at intervals of 1 to 2 cm and plastered with plaster plates.
  •  Runner: Runner is part of the horizontal wall of the cannabis. This structure is used as the master conductor in the wall also around the openings and is produced at 0, 0, 0, and 1 scores. In addition to Master Werner, which are easily installed and are a major contributor to cannabis wall construction, there are other important components to improve wall performance that are introduced.

Biggest knauf products importers around the world

Biggest knauf products importers around the world The first step for thermal insulation of the building is to select the appropriate thermal insulation that is compatible with the conditions of use where the importers of hemp insulation should be concerned. When choosing an insulator in addition to its thermal properties, the following are some important points to consider Where combustion is possible, the use of combustible materials is not permitted. If necessary, these materials should be impregnated with fire-retardant materials. It should be noted that the type of reaction to fire is of two aspects.

  • Fire participation: Some materials, including polystyrene foam, greatly contribute to the expansion of the fire range and speed up the process.
  • Fireproof Resistance: This aspect of the performance of a building material determines the ability of a building element to fire and prevent it from spreading to adjacent spaces. Therefore, it is necessary to use insulators in the building that prevent fire from spreading to other parts and causing further damage in addition to not participating in the fire and maintaining the static resistance of the building.

Best knauf insulation for tanks at cheap price

Nowadays, in the installation industry, the use of elastomeric insulation for the insulation of air-conditioning and heating-cooling systems such as hot and cold pipes, tanks, components and fittings, as well as air ducts, in industries such as construction, industrial Oil, gas, and petrochemicals have become inevitable and commonplace due to environmental and hygiene, high efficiency, and greater prevention of energy loss and ease of installation.

  • Prefabricated elastomeric insulation with closed cell structure, in various types and in different thicknesses as “roll” and “tubular” is produced and marketed.
  • Elastomeric insulation is used to insulate sections and surfaces with high condensation.
  • Elastomeric insulation is highly resistant to high heat, ozone and ultraviolet radiation, as well as to adverse weather conditions, humidity, pollutants and corrosive gases as well as chemicals.
  • Elastomeric insulation is also resistant to water vapor propagation, to the extent that the moisture absorption of these insulators is ultimately 10% by weight, which is 10,000 times lower than traditional insulators such as glass wool and rock wool.
  • The elastomeric insulation during fire is not flammable and does not emit toxic gases and is also free from any damage to the ozone layer.
  • An elastomeric insulator, also known as an elastomeric insulator, can also be used as an acoustic insulator, so that a 2cm thick insulator can reduce sound intensity by up to 35 dB and act as a sound insulator. Slow.
  • The elastomeric insulation is non-filamentous and non-porous, which ensures the insulation’s stability when installed against rupture or fragmentation.
  • The elastomeric insulation, which in some cases is forced to expose itself, can be stained by using a polymer dye that is specific to the elastomeric insulator.
  • In indoor and outdoor areas, elastomeric insulation can be installed without any coating, but in open areas, the outer surface of the elastomeric insulation is coated with a layer of aluminum in various thicknesses to protect against impact, weathering agents and extend elastomeric insulation life.

Best knauf insulation for tanks at cheap price

  • The next generation of insulators is elastomeric insulation. Elastomeric insulation is a very good alternative to traditional insulation.
  • Elastomeric insulation is easy to use and elastomeric insulation does not pose any environmental hazards, unlike traditional specimens (glass wool, rock wool and the like).
  • Self-adhesive elastomeric insulation, reinforced fiber elastomeric insulation and halogen-free elastomeric insulation with closed cell structure prevent penetration and passage of heat and humidity and are suitable for insulating all installations and in many climatic conditions.
  • The EDM elastomeric insulation is made of synthetic and elastomeric rubber and has a wide range of applications.
  • ADP tires have good thermal resistance, they exhibit high resistance to water vapor, moisture and humidity, which is also due to their closed cell.
  • In addition, elastomeric insulation has a high radiative property, which allows relatively low-thickness flexible cell materials to prevent surface condensation, thus being widely used in insulation for heating and cooling systems.

Where can I find knauf products at wholesale price?

Where can I find knauf products at wholesale price?Building facade insulation

Another important insulation for the building is insulation of the facade of the building. The facade of the building is the first and most exposed to sunlight, snow, rain and so on and most of the damage to the building is exposed to these weather and environmental conditions. Be. It is therefore essential to use proper insulation for the facade of the building. Thermal insulation and moisture insulation are the most important types of insulation required in building facades, and the materials used in this insulation are usually of two types: polymeric and mineral insulation.

Wall insulation

Wall insulation is one of the most important and widely used building insulation. The wall insulation shall be such as to cover all holes and grooves.

Insulation site

One of the factors affecting the price of insulation is the location of thermal insulation or moisture insulation. Building insulation due to traumatic factors and living environment can be installed in walls, ceilings and roofs and floors. The purpose of wall insulation is usually all three thermal, moisture and acoustic insulation in roof and roof The floor is usually moist.

Where can I find knauf products at wholesale price?

As you have read from the material you can see, insulation is one of the most important parts of building construction, which extends the useful life of the building. But the most important issue in the insulation debate is how to properly insulate a specialist insulator. So leave the insulation work to its specialist. If you intend to install thermal insulation and moisture insulation for your building or any other type, then it is very easy to place your order in the online “service to us” market. Then, after viewing each expert’s profile, information, bids and comparisons you can choose the best one.

Knauf fiberglass insulation wholesale price vs retail price

Fiberglass insulation has attracted many people because of its high thermal tolerance and unique color variation. This insulation is also offered for sale online to make it more affordable and used. Fiberglass insulation has a heat tolerance of 550 degrees Celsius, so it can also be used in industrial applications.

Features a variety of fiberglass insulation

Fiberglass insulation is also highly resistant to fungi, sunlight and pests because it is manufactured using minerals. It can also be noted that this insulation also has the desired tensile strength and Hayman has attracted considerable attention from artisans. This insulation is used in the manufacture of fire-proof clothing and is therefore important. Fiberglass belongs to the coating building material family and is used as insulation in the way that most factories and owners of industrial containers use fiberglass for insulating their tanks to protect against damage and many other damages.

Knauf fiberglass insulation wholesale price

Fiberglass is made up of petroleum materials as well as glass wool, each of which has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages as it combines fiberglass with many properties. Due to its lightweight and durable fiberglass, this product is also used in the manufacture of other building materials, including Iranite. To be more specific about the production of this product, it can be said that fiberglass is a composite made of glass fibers with polymeric materials and glass wool as a reinforcing material and polymeric materials as basic materials. This product is widely used in the construction of tank and insulation. The density of fiberglass is between 1850 -2000 kg / m 2.

Various grades and types of knauf insulations rolls

Various grades and types of knauf insulations rolls They classify heat insulators according to the materials used in their manufacture. In the structure of some of these insulators there are air bubbles which cause them to decrease heat. Some of these insulators reflect heat, which then has to be about 5 cm behind the air. Types of insulation are made of a material or a combination of several materials that reduce the rate of heat transfer. Since the main purpose of insulation is to reduce heat transfer, all types of insulators (including rock wool) must have desirable properties in reducing heat transfer rate to conduction, convection and radiation. One of the most important parameters in choosing the type of insulation is the operating temperature range of the insulator. For each insulator, depending on its life, a specific operating temperature range is defined: that is, the insulation in that temperature range will work best.

Various grades and types of knauf insulation rolls

In some cases, the materials used for construction are made to be self-insulating, such as lightweight concrete types:

Expanded lightweight concrete

This concrete contains a large percentage of lightweight granular stone and is also pro-laminated.

Sponge concrete slag

In this concrete, the sponge slag of high melting furnace is used as grain stone.

Cellular concrete

Cellular is a generic term for a substance that contains a large number of small air cells. Cellular concrete weighs about 2.5 grams per cubic centimeter and withstands heat up to 5 ° C. The concrete is used on the exterior of the building as well as on installations and pipes.

Modern insulation (nano-insulation)

The phenomenon of nanotechnology is related to changing the molecular properties of materials in order to enhance their quality. In fact, by using methods, it reduces the distance between molecules or atoms of the material which by preserving their core properties creates new properties such as hardness, insulation and transparency.

Nano Thermal Insulators are new materials of nanotechnology that are well protected and insulated against all three types of heat transfer (conduction, convection and radiation). With this feature they can be easily used in the buildings under construction and do not make any appearance changes to the composition of the building. These insulators have the lowest heat transfer rate among all available insulators and, due to their fluidity, can be applied on all surfaces by any type of painting tool (brush, roller, spray, etc.).

Other properties of nano-insulators include:

  • Very low thickness (unlike other insulators)
  • Prevent corrosion under the insulation surface
  • Visibility of the under-insulated surface for visual inspection (due to the semi-transparent color of these insulators)
  • Fireproof (high temperature tolerance up to 0 ° C)
  • Resistant to moisture and all kinds of fungi and molds
  • Customizable
  • Washable with soap and water
  • Non-toxic based on water
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