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knauf insulation suppliers | Best Prices For Bulk Buyers In 2020

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Which producers have best fiberglasses for sale?What is Earthwool insulation made from?What is Knauf Insulation made of?Where is Knauf Insulation manufactured?Best suppliers and providers of knauf insulationsSafest insulation for homes in bulk price Which type of insulation is best for attic?

who are knauf insulation suppliers?The dry construction system known in Iran as Kanaf is up-to-date and modern. So it naturally has no previous performance problems and will perform better. If you are one of those people who first came up with the name Kanaf , or are unfamiliar with the procedure for its implementation, be sure to read the following. read more about the knauf insulation india, knauf insulation products, knauf insulation turkey, knauf pipe insulation, knauf insulation product catalog, fiberglass insulation company and knauf warm roof insulation.

knauf insulation suppliers | Best Prices For Bulk Buyers In 2020

Which producers have best fiberglasses for sale?

Which producers have best fiberglasses for sale?Insulation diffuser makes the best and most durable type of fiberglass insulation available directly to consumers at a very reasonable price.

Fiberglass Insulation

One of the most well-known and widely used insulators is fiberglass insulation which is readily available through this product’s distribution center. Fiberglass insulators have unique properties, most notably their high thermal resistance as well as their flexibility. The insulation is made in a variety of colors, allowing all people to customize and use it.

Fiberglass insulation and its application

It is very easy to use and install fiberglass insulators, which allows it to be installed immediately after purchasing this product and enjoying the unique features it has.

What is Earthwool insulation made from?

Earthwool insulation is a product that comes from nature. The main constituent is silica and glass, which, after melting, enter the fiber making machine and, under the influence of centrifugal force, form wool-like fibers.

How to process and produce Earthwool insulation:

In the production process, the glass (recycled glass is completely crushed) is heated and heated with ordinary sand to 2 ° C. The glass melts at that temperature and with its melt it passes through the fine-grained mesh (as mold) and becomes a fiber. The fiber cools in contact with air after leaving the mold. After this step, resin is added to the fibers to increase the strength and improve the mechanical properties of the glass fibers as well as to attach the fibers to one another. The resin fibers are heated to 4 ° C to polymerize the resin and become fully solidified. In the final step, the fibers are cut and, if needed, pressed into a blanket or tubular section or packaged in bulk glass.

Types of Earthwool insulation:

Three models of glass wool are produced and marketed in Iran, which are used for different applications:

A) Rolls (blankets)

B) Panel

C) pipe insulation (prefabricated insulation)

The prices of each model of glass wool are different.

Applications of using Earthwool insulation:

  • Insulation of hot pipelines, tanks and tanks, boilers, heating and cooling systems
  • Suitable for high volume insulation
  • Insulation of cavity wall
  • Roof tiles
  • The curtain wall
  • Plumbing duct
  • Sound insulation in buildings
  • Insulation
  • Sandwich panels
  • Already insulated air ducts
  • Making tanks
  • Different applications of different industries and construction and…

Benefits of Earthwool insulation:

  • Diverse densities
  • Style
  • Easy installation
  • Fireproof and very low smoke and fire emission factor
  • Fiberglass structure, such as rock wool, gives good acoustic properties to these types of insulators, and glass fibers can also be used as sound insulators in buildings.
  • Low price and cheap compared to rock wool

What is Knauf Insulation made of?

What is Knauf Insulation made of?One of the most basic and most common questions in the false ceiling implementation phase for people who are rebuilding their homes and even experienced builders is the question of whether cannabis is better or plastered with plaster? In answering this question, we need to know how each is implemented so that we can have a fair comparison between the two systems. We will compare each of them in terms of form and content and the disadvantages and difficulties of each of them in the following.

Overall familiarity with Kenaf

The advent of building technologies in recent years has led to the replacement of new materials rather than traditional ones. These include dry construction systems. The industry was first introduced by Iran’s Kanaf brand with the Kannaf brand in 1999. That is why dry construction is known as cannabis.

The use of this technology is widespread in most European countries and even in Iran. Gypsum boards, called the gypsum panel, are one of the main materials used in dry construction. Kanaf is a type of dry wall laminate produced by Kanaf. In Germany, Kanaf has been active in the construction industry for more than 8 years. The company was founded by the brothers Arel Cannaf and Anfus Cannabis in 2006 and is currently one of the international companies in the construction industry. Hemp has several construction systems, including false ceiling systems, and wall separation and wall covering systems.

Where is Knauf Insulation manufactured?

Where is Knauf Insulation manufactured?The need for building acoustic insulators in today’s crowded, pressed noise is felt, and Kanaf has provided key solutions to this problem. Acoustic Wall and Acoustic Ceiling Implementation of acoustic insulation is one of the most important measures to reduce noise pollution and increase the comfort of buildings. When acoustic waves hit a wall or ceiling in an apartment, the energy of these annoying noise pollution is divided into three parts:

  • The first part is reflected
  • The second part is absorbed
  • And the other part goes through the building structures.
  • Now let’s examine and evaluate Kahnaf’s solutions to this problem.

Implementation of acoustic insulation

A good insulator is a good insulator that can absorb the maximum energy and prevent it from passing. Canvas acoustic insulators are highly capable of absorbing these vibrations. Knauf sound insulators are manufactured from the best materials available in the Iranian market and are a good way to absorb sound and reduce noise pollution in buildings.

Running sound insulation

Canvas acoustic insulation: covering walls

One of the ways to improve the comfort and isolate the environment against noise pollution is to use hemp cover walls. One of the benefits of this type of false wall is to prevent the passage of sound vibrations without increasing the wall thickness. Therefore, the useful surface area of ​​the wall will not be reduced by performing this type of wall.

Use internal and external dividing walls of the cannabis

These types of acoustic walls are non-load-bearing walls that can be used to isolate the interior of the building in addition to being soundproof.

Flooring with insulating fibers

The use of fiber layers such as carpet and carpet on the floor of the building can reduce traffic noise from 13 to 29 decibels in buildings.

Floating floor insulation

You can reduce up to 29 decibels of annoying noise in the building with the use of hemp floating floors. In this method, they use insulating fibers or stretchers on the lower floor of each building floor.

Use false ceiling tiles

Running a false ceiling beneath the main ceiling can play a key role in the percussion sound. And the use of acoustic insulation between the two ceilings can also reduce the amount of noise.

The interesting thing about false ceilings is their variety in design and color, and they generally fall into two types of integrated ceilings and reticulated ceilings.

Use sound absorbing false ceilings

The use of reticulated false ceilings is a high-absorbency soundproof tile (a special soundproofing agent used in movie theaters, community studios, banks and large offices. These tiles are available in 3 types of plaster, inorganic). And wood wool.

Implementation of the Knauf Building Insulation

One of the services offered by this complex is the installation and installation of sound insulation in buildings. You can contact the offices of this complex to request a cost of performing sound insulation, inspection and in-person consultation.

Best suppliers and providers of knauf insulations

Best suppliers and providers of knauf insulationsAs you know, using knauf technology can be used to create cover walls, separation walls, and false ceilings. Of course, Kanaf has many other uses. In the previous articles, we introduced you to the properties of interior walls with plasterboard. Follow us on to find out more about the technology and its benefits, as well as its benefits.

Hemp is very functional and quality. knauf can be used in the construction of ceilings, decoration of different rooms, partitioning and separation. Do you know what partitions and dividing walls are? In fact, these walls are similar to those of Drywall. The design of these types of sofas is very special and unique.

What are the knauf separator pages?

Hemp partitions may be different. This cannabis model can be used in different areas. It is also worth noting that this type of hemp insulates different forms of sound depending on your purpose.

The walls of the separator are usually classified into the following types:

  • Partition and dividing wall of hemp with a covering layer
  • Partition and dividing wall of hemp with two layers of shell
  • Canvas partition and partition walls with three layers of shell

 partition wall of knauf for a single frame type and mold with a layer of moisture resistant knauf . If you want to insulate the room well against sound, it is best to use a separating wall that has two molds. In addition to the types of separating walls mentioned above, walls are also built for ventilation.

Safest insulation for homes in bulk price

Safest insulation for homes in bulk price One of the most important things in building a building is heat and heat in buildings. Heat and heat are one of the factors contributing to the comfort of homes. Previously, there were no pillars and infrastructures in the old houses, but the use of bricks and mud and the creation of thick walls made the house very warm. These walls were not only useful for providing heat, and even provided the coolness of the environment due to the strong barrier they created against heat. But nowadays, buildings are constructed with the lowest wall diameter. To lower the weight of the building and allow more space to be used and perhaps less materials to use.

The best thermal insulation of floors and walls of buildings

This is exactly what compels us to use sound insulation and thermal insulation for our thermal and acoustic comfort. In this article, we are going to review different types of thermal insulation together to see which one is better. So follow us on.

Necessity of thermal insulation

The use of thermal insulation has been considered by construction experts for two purposes. First, increase the heat load on the home environment and increase the energy loss coefficient or, as they say, reduce energy consumption. Wasting heat in the winter makes the home environment not easily warm, and unfortunately this has been achieved by paying a high price. In Iran, buildings that have been built over the past few decades are not capable of maintaining heat at all.

Not using a proper thermal insulation on the floors, walls and ceilings can easily remove heat from the body. The issue is that even with the double-glazed windows, it does not look great, and some people ask why our home is still open despite the fact that we have changed the structure of the windows. Be it. On the other hand, the second goal of building experts is to prevent heat from entering buildings.

You may also find that during the summer you overheat in your home and sometimes even admit that the outside air is cooler. This is precisely why. Lack of thermal insulation in your building will cause heat to enter the house and cause the house to bounce or be heat-resistant because of the confinement. When the weather is not comfortable, but heat affects the home environment. That same summer, the walls of your home becoming too hot will still leave you with cooling energy. As a result, the use of thermal insulation to prevent hot air from entering the summer and heat exiting in the winter is vital for new homes.

Cost of building insulation

Regardless of the fact that thermal insulation blocks out the heat and cooling of the home, it seems to be costly for individuals. Using proper insulation in the floors and ceilings of your home and walls and even in cool pipes and surfaces will save you money. Naturally, the type of insulation, the amount and volume of insulation, the space required for the insulation, and the amount of masters’ pay will bring different costs to you, which of course makes the cost and type of insulation more important.

But what is certain is that not only can you insure your home and your family more by insulating your home, but also by using insulation to reduce the amount of energy consumed in your home. In the long run, you will find that these heat insulators can reduce your costs by a few tens of thousands of tomans per month, and this will make all your expenses reimbursable in the shortest time.

Which type of insulation is best for attic?

Which type of insulation is best for attic?Plastic insulation is a new thermal insulation that prevents heat to a large extent. It is a nature-friendly insulation, easy to install and greatly reduces fuel consumption. Keep in mind that all building materials these days, such as brick, glass, cement, wood and so on, are themselves energy-efficient and can never prevent energy use. Studies show that the use of simple thermal insulation in buildings reduces energy consumption by 55 percent and improves the quality of home heating and cooling.

What factors should be considered in choosing attic thermal insulation?

This question is so important that we needed to identify it before addressing the types of insulation. Unfortunately, some inexperienced or inexperienced but inexperienced professors use the use of acoustic and thermal insulation to fill the pockets of some factories, which we must explicitly reject.

Others believe that the use of these insulators will cause the material to not get well and leave after a while, and that position is completely wrong, and if the materials are well selected and standard insulation is applied at all The title does not hurt the structure. The important thing to keep in mind in thermal insulation is all the insulation itself. If you choose a good insulation for your building, you won’t have to worry about what others are explaining.

To choose a standard, reliable and quality attic heat insulator consider the following:

  • Thermal insulation must have high thermal resistance
  • Heat insulators must be fire-resistant and not even extinguishable.
  • Toxic materials should not be used in the manufacture of heat insulation
  • A good thermal insulation against pressure and weight does not lose its capability
  • Suitable heat shields with stable structure and no wrinkles or corrosion.
  • Thermal insulation must be highly resistant to UV and IR
  • Thermal insulation must be antifungal and germ
  • They do not have a severe contraction or expansion in the heat and cold
  • They should not have any active chemical reactions and should actually be neutral.
  • Thermal insulation must have good capability and density.

Plates, bricks, sheets, sheets, boards and boards are available and sold in the market. Some insulators have both thermal and acoustic properties which can be the best choice for insulation.

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