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Types of Knauf sheet

  • Knauf Tile Mesh
  • Simple gypsum tile knauf
  • Knauf Acoustic Tile

Product Price List

DescriptionDimensions(mm)The UnitPrice$
Gypsum panel (RG)2400x1200x12.5Square meters1.15$
Gypsum panel (FM)2400x1200x12.5Square meters1.7$
Gypsum panel (FR)2400x1200x12.5Square meters1.35$
Gypsum panel (RG)2400x1200x9.5Square meters1.1$
Gypsum panel (MR)2400x1200x12.5Square meters1.54$
PVC panel pitch circular panel with the back of the tile60x60x9.5Square meters1.76$
Ordinary acoustic punch with circular tile with back tile fleece (white)60x60x9.5Square meters1.76$
PVC gypsum Aluminum back design (Rhombus/Diamond/ Ruby/ Egg)60x60x9.5Square meters1.28$
Acoustic square punch plaster tile60x60x9.5Square meters1.90$
Ordinary PVC tile resistance TUV and antistatic60x60x9.5Square meters1.40$
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About Us

Since 2018, Artknauf has officially started production and export of Knauf tiles in 60 by 60 dimensions with high quality gypsum sheets in large dimensions. 
Nowadays the company continues its activities in Tehran.

The group through its strong personnel and sales team has been able to supply its products in domestic and foreign markets. Having high diversity and delivering top-grade quality products and delivering orders as quickly as possible has increased customers’ demand. 



Artknauf Sales Manager

Mohammad Hossein Amini